שמנו לב שמשהו לא עובד כשורה ואנחנו פה לעזור :)

אנא בדקו אם שדות החובה מולאו בצורה נכונה,
במידה שעדיין אין שליחה, אנא לחצו על המלבן הורוד ושלחו לנו מייל ישירות: מחכים לשמוע מכם/ן.

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  • ISHTAR is a home for creating intimacy, connection and enhancement of love.
  • We believe in creating a safe space that can allow oneself to give in and devote to deep internal processes.
  • We believe in the possibility of experiencing an inner inquiry free from fear, guilt and shame, and in doing so to shake oneself from an outside objective and come home to an internal connection.
  • We believe that the healing processes and the personal and inner changes can influence and echo as ripples to wider circles, out of understanding that we are part of a cosmic collective weave.
  • We do not shape people in our image we allow a space where people can discover their true self.
  • We aspire to combine ancient traditions and wisdom within the modern conventional world.
  • ISHTAR is a family that allows an inner connection between anyone to himself, between people, between communities and between heaven and earth.
  • We want to create a space clear from agendas where it is possible to inquire and share knowledge out of curiosity.
  • We aspire to reach and touch all kinds of population and all possible genders.
  • The center would be a center for inquiry and study where professionals from different fields collaborate and come to share, enrich and contribute knowledge and experience with each other.
  • We believe in generosity and kind-heartedness to men and earth.
  • We recognize the importance of a ceremonial communal pulse connected to nature.
  • ISHTAR is a living, dynamic being and such is also the vision can change and widen.