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אנא בדקו אם שדות החובה מולאו בצורה נכונה,
במידה שעדיין אין שליחה, אנא לחצו על המלבן הורוד ושלחו לנו מייל ישירות: מחכים לשמוע מכם/ן.

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About Us

Who are we?
We are a group of lovers, people who love love and the world.
We are an adventures creating group of moderators, lecturers, thinkers (and of course forever students), coachers, and therapists,
creators of contents, ceremonies, celebrations, workshops, conferences and festivals who touch all together as one in the art of love between man and himself, with others and with his surroundings…
And love not as a slogan - but as a strong and enhanced frequency of being, of courtesy and respect, breathing, a way of life.
The journey of each one of us starts at a different point in time and space – as you can discover in the teachers staff page – but connects today to the same point:
Our infinite wish to assist people and our self to develop and grow in a few of the most important human and interpersonal plains of life such as
Our relationship with our self and our body image
Our romantic, sexual and partnerships relationships
Our communication and language patterns
The mind and awareness level of development
The heart muscle and emotion level of development
Levels of personal freedom
Fulfillment of a mission and spreading our gifts to the world
And many more derivatives.
We have come together to deepen into an inquiry of sexuality and to heal through it. In order to create a wholeness space where people can receive from us our different gifts with the support of an entire professional circle.
We work with sexuality because it is one of the most significant and important centers of human life.
We recognize that we were created perfectly with no expendable parts in our bodies and minds.
We know that in order to live a full life accompany with a sense of empowerment, joy and creativity we need to agree to make use of our full potential in all of our wonderful centers of power.
In our sexual center lie our life energy, passion, daring, playfulness, drive and creativity. It is an especially significant and important center of power (which is in charge of creating life and reality), therefor throughout the cultural history it has awaken many fears, and many mechanisms and social conditions were created around it meant to control, repress and reduce it.
Men have learned to fear their own and others sexuality. Humanity sanctified and developed other power centers, but the sexual power center remained in darkness. Today we find our self in a situation where the knowledge and skills to be used in other power centers are familiar and available. The sexual power center is still conceived as dangerous, dark and arousing fear. This creates a developmental gap that we all experience.
The times have matured to understand that if we will not start to unfold the knowledge of the healing and change powers that are being stored in our sexuality we will not be able to continue to advance and develop. There is an on going struggle between the genders and as long as we do not heal it within us and outside of us the harmony in the world will remain restricted.
We live in an age of expanding freedom and constant change. We are faster, more creative and our attention develops to contain more and more at the same time. Less and less we accept as granted frameworks and explanations of 'that’s the way it is'. A lot more ask questions and move in search of our essence. The internal longing that seats in the basis of the impulse to develop is the wish to express more. We have the potential and we aspire to discover and fulfill it. To express more colors from the endless colored rainbow that exist in each and everyone of us. When a certain color is perceived as forbidden to express an eclipse appear and create darkness that affects the whole landscape.
Our sexuality is one of our least taken care of areas. The legitimization for sexuality and its expression is limited. We prefer to hide, be ashamed, ignore. We have learned that this natural thing that is our body is embarrassing. That is absurd. Where does that put us?... that is why the work with sexuality is so relevant and important. That is also the reason that awareness work with sexuality is ground breaking, challenging and rewording (in terms of work... there is a lot to do there..:)) processes like this that touch wounds in dark places and many fears and conditions, require a professional and sensitive safety net. The release and freedom to express our self as sexual being is breaking conventions and can rattle and create confusion. In order to make such significant cognition jumps we need solid ground to stand on. When there is a professional frame that supports and is built to contain such complexity one can dive deep into the inquiry and come out with many gifts.
We come together to present our creations to the world in a more complete way, in a precise and clear space of love and healing, and we invite you to join us on a path that sanctify the creating force of life and allows it to create with in us a whole life of fulfillment of real love.